About Us

For many years ago Ansel has been developing its production activities in the world of pumps and valves with a clear projection of going international, and always maintaining its commitment to the family values which are the standard of Ansel. The spirit of family that the founders have transmitted to the Ansel team, of collaboration and development with customers, suppliers, social and public entities is, without a doubt, which has brought Ansel to the top, converting it to be a top company in its sector .

Ansel presents its fluid products to the global market, the better solution in vacuum pumps and valves, achieving the combination of quality, innovation, experience and efficient services to our clients.

Company and Society

The concept of sustainability embraces the present and the future at the same time.  Sustainability goes along with the full act of responsibility; the responsibility and commitment of all of us.   Responsibility in respect to the needs of today and those of tomorrow, of our clients and those of society.  One commitment which Ansel sees as an opportunity to progress as a company, to continue being a reference.  Responsibility and commitment, locally and globally, which have increased the need and sense of community, and which have guided the company to the conscience that what we do now should not compromise the life  and growth of future generations, ours, and of the entire planet.

This is the declaration of our principles.

We are conscience of the harmful effects that the industry can impose upon the environment.  For this reason our products, as well as our process, are controlled in such a way that they won’t affect this medium, which is definitively our life…